Surreal Dubai And A Hefty Buzz

No 3D modeling, no tilt and shift, no tricks that I can detect. Crazy part about this photo is that those skyscrapers sticking out of the clouds are huge, towering 70+ stories tall each. Even crazier is that this image (not mine) is shot, not from a plane or chopper, but from another building! This image is shot from the world’s tallest building which happens to be just down the road from where I’m currently working. I’m in Dubai, UAE.

Speaking of crazy, I’ve got a CRAZY internal body clock going right now. My head feels like it’s full of the same puffy clouds as the ones in the photo. I literally just hallucinated. Completely sober, I just attempted brushing my teeth with the travel case still on my tooth brush – got the thing all the way to my mouth with toothpaste on the outside of the case and everything. I need to get some sleep. Although I’m totally brain dead, a good sleep deprivation buzz is a really GOOD time. Trust me on this one. Read more after the jump – click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

If you’re interested in replicating said buzz, no problem, it’s easy. Here’s how: Spend 12 long days working on the road for back to back to back to back trips to San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, and back to Seattle. Take 48 hours of respite and then throw in a quickie to Cincinnati, a Washington DC leg, and a London jaunt for good measure. For icing on the cake take that 777 trek out to the quaint little town here in the Middle East called Dubai. Stay up late and get up early for a couple of days, and bingo, you’re there. Glad I don’t trouble you with too many RWAV’s, aren’t you?

BTW, I’ll spare you the details of what’s going on here in Dubai, and instead steer you toward a handful of great photographer friends that blog who are already here and posting. Drop in on Chromasia, Joe McNally, Strobist, and Ben Willmore – they’ll tell you all you need to know about Gulf Photo Plus.

[Thanks to my new good friend and recently appointed GPP head honcho Mohamed Somji for sending me this image. He doesn’t know the creator of this image, nor do I – and our research on line came up empty handed. This is just one of those shots that’s getting circulated around these parts via email. FWIW, I’d love to find whomever shot it. If it’s you, please confess ;)]

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