Inspired By Those Closest To Us

When I think of creative inspiration, many people come to mind. People and their journeys and their struggles and their victories.

Just so happens that one such person is my Mom. As of today she’s been cancer-free for 10 years. Way to go Mom – I’m so inspired and sooooo thankful.

Can’t wait to pop some Champagne when I get back in town!


Garland says:

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Tesseract says:

That is one flashy shoot, how did you deal with all that excessive light?

Kourosh Azar says:

A Big Congrats Chase! That’s just great news!

Also wanted to say great revamp on the site design, it looks awsome!

ricklohre says:

That’s fantastic! Congrats!
I’m sure that will make this Mother’s day a very special one!

SMax says:

What great news. I will raise a glass and celebrate your families happiness.

Rick says:

Dude – That ROCK’s – Way to go MOM…

It is the roller coaster ride that we call life, but more so the struggle we must face that make us who we are. Inspiration only comes to those that learn from the tiniest of mistakes and appreciate the right in others.

As Robert Bringhurst said “the masters of art, it seems to me, are those who never stop apprenticing”

Congratulations on the person you are, and the person your mother has made you to be. May she forever have strength to keep fighting on.

Tony says:

Glad 4 u chase, mom’s are special

Adam Swords says:

Great news, Chase!

Box of Frogs says:

Congrats Mrs Jarvis – and I hope you have many more decades that are cancer free.

Chase – I feel your happiness – congrats.

OG says:

People are definitely a great source of creative inspiration.

Great update on your mother.

Jason says:

Congrats Chase, that is a great milestone for not only your mother but your entire family. Be sure to buy the most expensive Champagne you can find to share with your mom!

Marshall says:

Indeed, that is tremendous, and worth celebrating.

Coincidentally, today we got the good news that the pathology on my wife’s removed mass was negative (and on her birthday, even). Thus ends my week of worry, and we’ll be celebrating too!

juanBONILLA says:

Chase, congrats to you and your mom on this achievement! I truly hate cancer as some very dear people to me have passed due to it. Hope everything continues very well for her. Cheers!

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