If you’re reading this in your browser, then you already know. If instead you’re an RSS reader, then drop everything and come check out the new site. Click around and get some dirt under your fingernails – tell me what you think.

Also, bare with me as we’ll be tweaking things here and there over the next week or two until we get it where we want it. Generally speaking, I’m really happy with my new skin. It’s clean. It’s comfortable. You’ll also notice a lot of new work. This is the tip of the iceberg too – a lot more of that to come, a lot of additions and deletions to come, as well as some in depth commentary/discussion about it. Feedback on any and all of this is encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks to everybody back at the studio for their hard work in getting this sucker live, especially with all the road time we’ve had lately. Big thanks also goes out to our friends at liveBooks for doing what they do. There’s no question they’ve got he best damn flash algorithm on planet earth for delivering nice big images quickly and cleanly.

Update: Huge thanks to everyone who is cruising the site and providing targeted feedback and words of encouragement. We’ve been addressing your thoughts and making progress. I’m grateful for all your wise eyeballs. Please keep sharing!

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