We Are Independant, Yet We Are Somehow The Same

Why does so much of our work look so much alike, even when we strive for it to look so different?

Given yesterday’s discussion I had to investigate. In less than 5 minutes last night, for no apparent reason, I was able to find about 20 of my images that look, feel, appear, strangely similar to nearly 20 images in the 2008 PDN Photo Annual. Thus, even in the face of working on new, experimental stuff, we are somehow the same. – click the ‘continue reading’ link to see examples of what I mean after the jump -

Here’s some quick examples – grabbed in just a couple minutes from my collection and compared loosely to other images in the magazine… No Photoshop, just a quick grab of what was easy and near…here’s a handful:

Raymond Meier

Chase Jarvis – shot thru some cascading water just 3 weeks ago in Dubai.

Yours Truly.

Gary Land

Steve Bloom



Will Van Overbeek

and even

Christopher Weidlich

Remember – all these in the same single issue of a magazine.

Chase Jarvis

Joao Canziani

Still the same issue…

And here’s a quickie of two other photogs from the same issue;

Tony Law

Stephen Wilkes

And the list goes on…

Strangely, sadly, beautifully, whatever. As much as we all work to push outside the box, we are all–in so many ways–inextricably tied to one another in our commercial work, our fine art work, our time, our editors, our websites, our contests.

As much as we hate this, we must admit it. Are we all trite? Hacks? Are we all visionless? No. Certainly not. We’re all human, I suppose. As unique and disparate artists as we all are or all at least try to be, there must be some pudding, or at least some social fabric in us all, that is very much the same–whether we like it or not.

[By the way, if this theme is interesting to you, go watch Errol Morris’ documentary film Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. One of my personal favorites.]

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