Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_6, “The Trifecta”

Alert all the detectives. I haven’t done one of these low-brow things in a while, even amidst the requests…so here we go. Here’s another doozie of an RWAV. Only this one’s a little different. I’m not asking you to guess just one Room With(out) A View, but rather guess my location in my last three hotels at one go. Hence, “the Trifecta”. You know the game – props, a bunch of new visitors to your site, and perhaps some special treats to those that most accurately nail me on the most locations. BTW, don’t be scared by the task, there’s hints all over the web. – click the ‘continue reading’ link below for photos from all three rooms…

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Don’t forget to include your url along with your guess down in the comments below if you think you’re onto me, and if you win or maybe even get close, I’ll send a pipeline of new visitors to your site. I’ll probably have a pretty quick turn around on this one, since I’ve got a lot of other new content stacking up, so get out your magnifying glass and your Google maps and get going.

…if you’re not familiar with this series highlighting some of my time on the road, see other Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW‘s, below. Behind the scenes snapshot to follow when I reveal the locales:

[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW]
[RWAW REVEALED: Paris, Rue Birague]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_2]
[RWAW REVEALED_2: Palm Springs, CA (Viceroy Hotel)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_3]
[RWAW REVEALED_3: New York City (Hudson Hotel)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_4]
[RWAV_4 REVEALED: Mazama, Washington (Freestone Inn)]
[Chase Jarvis: ROOM WITH(OUT) A VIEW_5]
[RWAV_5 REVEALED: San Diego (Sunset Cliffs)]

[Depending on your RSS reader, you may need to go here for the photos.]

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