Chase Jarvis SHORTS: Pimped Photography Van

Heading into a recent commercial job in San Diego, we were a little underpowered. Our staff Digital Asset Management guru, Dartanyon, was tied to the studio on some other business and as a result we needed some more DAM muscle on the road–and quick! A phone call later, our problem was solved…

Enter stage right: The Digital Capture Systems pimped-out digital photography uber-van. Enter stage left: a new video series titled Chase Jarvis SHORTS, where I’ll share some short, behind-the-scenes and off-the-wall tidbit videos that might be of interest. To get photos and the details about this cool pimped-out photography van, click the ‘continue reading’ link below…

Digital Capture Systems is: a couple of burly MacPros, a handful of big ol’ 30″ displays, a whole bunch of redundant storage, a ton of tech widgets and wingdings, a savvy guy who graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography (Carson) to run the ones and zeros, and a totally pimped out, enviro-friendly custom Dodge Sprinter van to haul it all. Not only did the van help with our digital assets, it also helped out with wardrobe and gave us on location editing just minutes after we nailed a particular shot. I applaud these Digital Capture Systems guys on their uber-van concept, and I love the business they’ve built around it. They did a great job on our gig, and I chatted with my friend Vince LaForet who just used them as well, and he said everything went really well. Here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from our week working with them:

Several of us jammed in there reviewing files from one of the days.

Late night review in the van.

Owner Carson Blume working on his laptop on the roof.

Carson working.

Van stocked with the wardrobe for the evening. I swear that little van can hold a TON of stuff!

Seems like every major city should have one of these things!

Lastly, if you like this video, click around over here —->> in the margin to find more interesting vids. And stay tuned for lots more Chase Jarvis: SHORTS coming soon.

[Double lastly, depending on your RSS reader, you might need to check out video and photos here.]

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