Hot Photo Book: “Drive” by Andrew Bush

Driving and reading go together like peaches and motor oil. This is just one picture from Andrew Bush’s new book, Drive. According to Andrew, it’s a book of “Photographs made while traveling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States.” My 5 favorite pictures and a link to buy the book after the jump. – click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

My favs:

This woman is clearly upset.

These guys are clearly on their way to make an adult film.

Hard working. Cool car. Always good to wear head protection. Patricia apparently did not.


El Capitan, looks kind of like the dog above.

Now the important details… You can buy the book here Hurry up though, I already bought two. (Seriously.) And you can see all the shots from the book here.

Mad props to Rachel over at Shoot the Blog for the tip on this book. If you’re looking for the most prolific photography blog going right now, pay her a visit. She’s a machine (and she’s really nice)!

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