Photo Geek Rap Video: 101 Photoshop Tips

Some of you may remember Deke McClelland, the Photoshop guru who put out video How To Use Scanned Money in Photoshop a couple years ago. Well his nerdness is back, and he’s rapping about Photoshop in this 5-minute video. There’s actually a ton of great stuff in there. In one viewing I nabbed a couple new tricks and rekindled a handful of oldies I had forgotten. Second viewing, that doubled. Watch it again. You know you want to… Want a transcribed list of all 101 tips, links to Deke’s blog, a hot video host site, and a pizza? It’s all there, after the jump. – Click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

OK, so there’s no pizza. But there is a link to my good friends at CreativeTechs who have so graciously played/paused the vid a million times and transcribed the list for you. There’s a link to Deke’s blog here (which looks to be ramping up again), and try this on for size: I haven’t been paying much attention until now–this site does a really nice job with its vids. Embeddable, no branding, clean playback, and… downloadable. Nice.

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Cedrick says:

Terrifying now i’ll under no circumstances obtain one once more

click here says:

This web site can be a stroll-by for all of the information you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll undoubtedly uncover it.

Cara says:

You write very well.

rhalff says:


Could you do this all again however and base it on subterranean homesick blues from Bob Dylan, it would be easier to memorize ;-)

Michael says:

this is the stupidest video I’ve ever seen. That guys voice is painful to listen to. I am much happier just using the Help guide.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ Jason: has an abundance of great resources. as does John Harrington’s blog those resources will lead you to secondary sources that are well worth the read. Beyond that, I’d take a page out of the brands that you love. Apple, Nike, whatever. What are they delivering to you (conceptually) as a customer that you would be able to pass on to your customers, art buyers, agents, whatever?

Jason Lam says:

CHASE JARVIS – Stumbled upon your blog just a few days ago and your videos are very inspiring. I have a question. You highly recommend studying business. I was wondering how you went about learning about it and whether or not there are some AMAZING books that you recommend for me to read!

Chase Jarvis says:

@ Justin: agreed. But did you happen to link thru to CreativeTechs where they have transcribed every shortcut for you? Good stuff!

A little over-the-top for my taste. Sure there is a lot of useful shortcuts in there, but who is going to memorize a five minute rap on PS? I can just imagine the photo intern at an ad firm reciting the lyrics to himself…

Joe DuPont says:

Yikes…..Fantastic, exhausting, and intimidating. I think I better stick with Nikon NX

Nathan says:

@Adam – my cool friends are Photoshop geeks…. Aren’t yours?

Bryant Bell says:

I hope I never know that much about Photoshop!

Adam says:

Dooh! I’ve been Deke’d! If you watched all of that…yes, it’s true, you are a Photoshop Geek, there is no denying it, embrace it…just don’t mention it to your cool friends. (I’ll keep that in a special place just in case I need to rewind it ;)

Tuffer says:

It was funny, helpful, hyperactive… and then there was a chorus!

Marcel says:

whoa, I need a brake, to much of redbul and shortcuts:) Still too much thigs to learn.
Useful clip:)

PhoebeT says:

Holy smokes. Pshop overload! I thought I was in the know…

Richard Cave says:

Made me laugh, I am glad I had a pause button!

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