POV Photography On Steroids

For a long time, I’ve been a playful advocate of POV (Point-Of-View) photography. Years and years ago, I did this with my custom POV rig:

Hell, we all did it.

Then, it got more complicated. I was having fun and I sync’d my camera with a camera strapped to the athlete, so you’d get one moment from two perspectives. I have a ton of these, but generally the result is pretty interesting and looks this:

Then, after doing that commercially for a few folks, I tried to share what I had learned and released this video called Chase Jarvis TECH: POV Photography to illustrate all the parts and pieces, concepts, how to fire a remote camera, etc.

Now, sure, it’s been big in movies and photography for a good long spell, but if you’re interested to find out from Nike just how far POV has really come, click ‘continue reading’ below…

Let’s just say it’s come a LONG way… Imagine how long this would take to make!? Brilliant piece of art from a technical perspective (for us photo/director geeks) Brilliant advertising piece as well. For those of us who grew up playing soccer there’s a great emotional tug here and for those who didn’t – it’s just plain cool.

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