RWAV_6 REVEALED: Dubai, NYC, Tokyo

Tokyo. Enjoy my stay with this cap? Wha?

Well, well, well. The detectives amongst us continue to blow the doors of the Room With(Out) A View series. Indeed, the most recent RWAV “trifecta” was tougher than most, but the correct answers rolled in… You correctly guessed: Dubai‘s not-so-fancy Holiday Inn Express was the photo out the window facing the sandy parking lot; NYC was the Soho Grand facing the building under construction; and that shot out the wire-glass window was from the Ginza district in the quaint little village you may have heard of called Tokyo.

Lots more photos, links to the winners, a video of The Jackanory after one too many, and plenty of other behind the scenes snapshots from my time on the road after the jump – click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

This is the Dubai airport at 2am. Crazy busy. Crazy place.

Some of the crew from Dubai present in this photo: Joe McNally, Drew Gardner, Robin Nichols, Manus van Dyk, Peter Burian, Charlie Borland, a sliver of Bobbi Lane, Kate, Scott, and of course, the Strobist – Mr. David Hobby.

Speaking of my good friend Strobist – he’s just freakin’ everywhere! Here pictured (in Dubai) is one of his private vans. Szabist is the Arabic pronunciation of Strobist… There’s another one just behind this one on the left. He had a whole fleet of them all logo’d up just for the GPP event.

Here’s a quick grab of my group from the Prep. Shoot. Wrap! gig. You guys were amazing!


Pals Michael Costuros and Evan Nisselson at a NYPH afterparty. Rooftop deck with amazing view of Manhattan courtesy of the legendary David Allan Harvey.

Finally got to meet up with the wise and inimitable Herr Colberg from Conscientious.

Found it a mild pain in the ass that Christina Aguilera was staying at the same hotel as I was this week. Paparazzi everywhere, everyday. Argh.

Before the rain began in Tokyo.

During the rain in Tokyo.

And finally, the toilet controls in Tokyo equal those on the Millennium Falcon.

And finally – this is the treat. Thanks for sticking with me. Since you made it all the way down here, do yourself a favor and check out the photography of some of the folks who pinpointed my location. There is some nice stuff in here from Tim Kemple, James Jones, and Nicholas Critelli. Go visit their sites. Grow the photography industry. They’re the same people who’ll visit yours in the next RWAV.

And very lastly, a reminder if you’re at all interested in these snap-shot-y documentations of our travels and shoots, I’ll invite you to check out a recent addition to this blog’s behind the scenes stuff: Our Flickr pool called Chase Jarvis Crew Shots. We’ll be uploading to this constantly – outtakes from my camera, our personal point and shoot’s, whatever.

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