The Caffeine Is Kicking In

So I’ve been mostly off caffeine for about 2 years now. Surely I dig into that go-fast java juice every once in a while when I “need” a kick in the arse, but mostly I’m off it.

Until today that is… Yowza. You’ll have to join me in starting off our week with some inspirational speedlinks. Portfolio reviews, iPhone tips, graffiti art, anti-graffit art, staying home with your kids, and, of course, terrorists.

It’s ala carte. Choose one or many – there’s something for everyone. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

For the Students: Review Santa Fe

Review Santa Fe is a two-day conference for photographers who have created a significant project or series and are seeking wider recognition. It’s THE place to get your work reviewed. It wrapped up last week in, duh, Santa Fe. You should go next year. It’s been written about broadly by Brian Ulrich, Alec Soth, Rob’s done a nice job with the details over at A Photo Editor, and my favorite take (with a grain of salt and a sense of humor) Thomas Broening (way to go, man… enjoying your blog).

For the Techies: Embed iPhone-Friendly Videos (of Ninjas)

In honor of the 3G iPhones, here’s a great, simple little tip for getting your site vids to look nice on everybody’s iPhone. Thanks Creative Techs for using Ninjas as your test piece ;)

For the Know it Alls: Reverse Graffiti
Bet you haven’t seen this before. This guy cleans walls to create his art. Applause abound – cool stuff.

For the Paranoid: Photographers as Terrorists
Read what the Guardian has to say about this latest trend to profile photographers as terrorists.

For the Home-Bodies and Gift-Givers: America at Home Book is really going the extra mile to share info about this interesting concept of America at Home. Professional shooters images, mixed with amateur snapshots, and your shot on the cover. Interesting concept.

For the Hard Core Readers Willing to Give Props Where Props Are Due: Stop Motion Graffiti Vid
All the regulars here know I’m a sucker for street art/graffiti/Banksy/The Wooster Colective, etc. Google analytics tells me you loved the Improve Everywhere piece, so here’s another one that will blow your socks off. Totally arresting video. Consider the sheer time and energy this would take:
Opening photo by Kelly Flynn – from her Review Santa Fe entry.

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