5 Reasons Why It’s Good To Always Carry A Camera

Last week I was reminded no less that 5 times why it’s important to carry a camera with you everywhere you go. I’d never have been able to grab a snap of any of these things had I not been packin’ heat (G9, iPhone, D3, whatever)…

1. The Google Earth 3D, street level, photo recorder thingie was mapping the area and I caught it. Very cool, despite the fact that fellow drivers were freaking out, as if it was about to launch a rocket or something. Have you seen this thing in your neighborhood?:

Reasons 2 – 5 after the jump. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

2. The giant, new, not-seen-before-by-me Airbus 380, double decker plane (I know, I’m a nerd who travels too much – I get excited about such things). Snagged this shot from the airport lounge:

3. Grabbing a sunset you don’t see everyday (no photoshop enhancement – real colors). I’m got a preference for aisles myself, but occasionally the window seat on the old Boeing jet is good for something:

4. Seeing the new Mini Cooper wagon for the first time. (And it’s no surprise to me that it’s owned by the coolest vodka brand in the world, 42 Below:)

5. And finally, hows about catching yours truly in the act of celebrating his BIRTHDAY with a little shredding of the dance floor head-over-heels tripping and falling. Like any good second assistant with a point-and-shoot, Mario caught me upside-down in action only a half second after my forehead caught the corner of the table (left). Model Lindsey was kind enough to grab the follow-up shot (right) after our resident EMT, Stephan, cleaned up my gushing forehead. Doh!

While the nuts and bolts of this post are tongue-in-cheek, the gist not. There’s unquestionably something wonderful about carrying a camera with you everywhere you go. Just like a writer carries a notepad, you should carry a camera. Consider trying it for a week. Seriously. You’ll begin to see more pictures than you’d ever have dreamed.

Whether they’re quirky and (un)lucky moments like these, or the unique and beautiful moments you see in books, magazines, and fine art everywhere, you’ll suddenly find yourself in a position to grab them.

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