My Photography Mistakes #2496

I’ve made so many mistakes in my career. Lacking backup gear, forcing pictures, forgetting to reformat the card, crushing hard drives, etc etc. This list is long.

But in the past several years I made one mistake far too many times, and it was this: not leaving enough time, reminding the client to leave enough budget, or directing the proper energy toward the post production of my pictures. I learned my lesson finally in the last year or two, but it took too long. If you’re in that rut, snap out of it. Sure, nothing can replace a great photo outta the camera as a starting place, genius, luck, whatever, but do yourself the favor of building post production mojo into your workflow properly.

And btw, make sure you’re not still in the leftover handful of photographers whining about “having to process your own images.” Instead, remind yourself what a great opportunity it is to put another personal layer into your pictures. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below for the full post/comments…

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