A Neat-o Trend in Photographic Prints

Large editions + low prices × the internet = art for everyone.

I love this recent trend of reasonably-affordable fine art photographic prints for sale online. Love love love it. And Jen Beckman over at 20×200.com is leading the charge. Each Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm EST, new editions go on sale. For any single image, you’ll have your shot at:

-200 at $20 a pop (small),
-20 at $200 each (medium), or for the more serious collectors,
-2 @ $2000 each (large)

Okay, so the large prints aren’t cheap, but prior to this trend, buying anything for less than the big print prices wasn’t really an option. Fret no more. This trend has been good for photographers like my pal, Jackanory (his image above) and it’s certainly good for those who like art. More after the jump…

Not to be outdone, the crew over at Photoshelter have joined the party. On Friday, our Shoot! The Blog stewardess, Rachel, introduced their line of limited edition prints at $125, $250, or $450. Editions of 200 each.

Very cool.

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