Be My Editor

Please be my editor for the next 5 minutes.

I’m in the process of preparing an update for my online portfolio. Lots of new stuff to add. Having said that, we’re having a meaty discussion here in the studio this morning about images. So it occurred to me that, purely out of curiosity–and if you’re willing to indulge me–I’m looking for your feedback. I want to know two things, with a third thing as optional:

Thing 1: which is your most favorite image in my current online portfolio?
Thing 2: which is your least favorite image in my current online portfolio?
Thing 3 (optional): if you can briefly answer ‘why’ to either or both of the above, then do tell.

Just go ahead and list the images by number in the comments below.

Please keep a couple things in mind:

First, I’m just looking for your gut reaction. Resist noodling this (and I might suggest you don’t read other comments prior to weighing in.) I’ve got a lot of criteria for which images I’ll be featuring in the new round of edits (ones that are most personally close to me, ones that resonate with the projects I’m excited about, ones that feel like the work I’m hungry to do more of…etc), but as an artist I’m trying to understand more about raw impact, pause, stopability vs. the long take-in, and your opinion will help me learn a few things.

Second, to keep us on track, I’m hoping for this to be simply a basic count of your favorite(s) or dud(s) relative to the other images in my portfolio (not to anyone else). I’ve got some thick skin, but I’m not at this point looking for your comprehensive analysis. Just the facts, mam. Thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks so much for such an overwhelming response in less than 24 hours. Wow. I really appreciate your time, and the comments have fascinating. Since we got so much feedback in such a short time (my inbox looks like a pile of hangars ;) I’m going to close down the thread and take a closer look at what you had to say… Please continue to peruse and compare with the notes of others if you like. In the meantime, I’ll report back in the not-too-distant future. Thanks!

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