Songs For Eating And Drinking: Arthur & Yu

If you missed my earlier post about my favorite project in a while, Songs for Eating and Drinking, you’ll want to pay that entry a visit for some backstory. If you’re already in the know, please enjoy. This is Arthur & Yu (Subpop) performing “3 Horses”. Keep in mind that we’re posting a couple new performances from #1.0 over at S.F.E.A.D. every week or so until our next evening in Portland.

Adrian says:

Great projects and great video


Anonymous says:


brian says:

Another group you should check out is City and Colour. They are alot like Arthur & Yu. It is actually the singer for Alexisonfire singing completely different, with his brother (I think) playing piano. Anyway, check them out, I think you'll like 'em!

Wow, that guy has some kind of voice! Very nice. It’s smooth and hollow, and all around awesome. Love the concept of the song too. Thanks for sharing!

Rex says:

Simply sublime.

Great video. Looking forward to seeing more. Per my being a fly on the wall last week… I agree the opening comments add a great touch to this.

Mike D. says:

Damn, Chase. Who’s your video guy again? I’d give him a beefy raise and a hearty pat on the back for a job well done. I can’t wait to see more.

Ivan Chertov says:

Keep up the good work ;)
It seems that your personal projects are quite good ;P

Anonymous says:

I still LOVE this project. And this guy has an amazing voice.

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