More Orphan Works

The Senate has just passed a version of the Orphan Works bill (officially the Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act, S 2913) that is bad for our profession. We need to make sure that it does not pass the House and, therefore, we need your help. If you have not yet done so, visit the ASMP’s Orphan Works page. You can generate a contact to your representative in less than 1 minute.

For additional perspective, I wanted to direct you to a round-table style interview featuring photographer, John Harrington, photog/book author Dan Heller, and yours truly, hosted by photog/blogger Jim Goldstein for his podcast EXIF and Beyond.

I sussed out that Jim put us in the interview together as having three different roles: John, vehemently against OW; Dan as in favor of OW, and me as a photographer certainly against the legislation, but as a realist in terms of what we might be able to accomplish/expect given my experience defending my own copyright in court, and the current intellectual property landscape.

[BTW, it sure felt sneaky that this bill was pushed through the Senate amidst the media mayhem of the highly profiled first Presidential debate between Obama and McCain. While we were all tuned into that can of worms, it seems our Senators were busy ramming through some legislation they’d been sitting on for a while… Please move to squash the House version now.]

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