Nikon D90 Mod – Steadycam from Hollywood

Couldn’t resist this Gizmodo post today… This little jobber turns video dSLRs like the Nikon D90 and the Canon 5D into cheapo movie steadycams. Not unlike the Redrock “cinematizing” kit featured last week also on the Giz, this new rig features light controlling barn doors, fine focus and zoom controls, plus a monitor, a structural beam that goes past the user’s shoulder, an adjustable pad, and counterweights. Rumors abound that this little dealio was hot news at the Photo East tradeshow last week. The travesty for amateur filmmakers? No price announced yet. Said to be going on sale November 1st. Who will be first to get one fall down the stairs wearing it? Now THAT’S video I want to see…

Thanks Ben, via Gizmodo.

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