Visual Artist Rankings. Who is #1?

I was surprised to recently learn that, just like Hollywood celebs have their kooky mathematical rankings on “box office power” or whatever, visual artists are also apparently not immune to a ranking system. Over at Artfacts.Net, they seem to have a reasonably sophisticated algorithm that ranks heavy hitting visual artists. Andy Warhol is #1. There are two photographers in the top 20. Can you guess them? Click the ‘continue reading’ link below to find out and to see the top 50.

Cindy Sherman is number 7 and Andreas Gursky (love him) is #17. Shame on you to everyone who guessed Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams. Here’s the top 50: has the top 100 along with 191,000 artist biographies. Thanks to James for pointing this out via PDN. [BTW, James the note you put in your email with this link was quite funny: “Maybe we can rank Nobel Peace Prize winners next. Or dads. My dad is better than your dad. He makes more money.]

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