We Are Lilliputians in a Bathtub

I’ve been shooting sports and action images with a tilt/shift lens for about 5 years. It’s a fun look for certain applications. Not long after, my buddy Vincent got really excited about shooting the ol’ t/s from the air. Another cool look. Now you’ve seen us both shooting video through dSLRs with them – mine on the Nikon D90 and his on the Canon 5D MKII. We’ve been having fun goofing off with these things. But, that said, I haven’t seen many time lapse vids shot t/s. That’s why this here time-lapse video of the Sydney Harbor, shot by Keith Loutit, caught my eye. (I love the bit where the sailboats are all wiggling in the wind/waves, and when the ferry comes through…). Thanks Savan, via Gizmodo.

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