Chase Jarvis CURRENT: Making The Web Work For You

In May of this year I was invited–along with photo Illuminati compadres David Hobby (Strobist) and David Nightingale (Chromasia)–to Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai, UAE to give a little chat to some photographers. The seminar was called “Making the Web Work for You”. If you’re at all thinking of blogging, video, the web, or sharing information, then you will pick up a thing or two, guaranteed. Keep in mind, it’s almost entirely unedited. But there are some nuggets in there. Nothing flashy , just a couple of us guys talking about blogging and how we use the web in our profession. There’s a Q+A session at the end as well.

I’ve been sitting on this for 7 months for a few reasons:
1. Busy.
2. It’s long. But I figured there’s no better time to watch a long chat about photography and blogs and such, than while sitting in front of your computer with a gut full of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Cue it up. Grab another piece of pie.
3. I’ve been waiting till the time gets nearer for the next Gulf Photo Plus, so we can start chattering about it. This coming year’s event begins at the end of March, and is a spectacular learning opportunity. I then past few years, Mohammad from GPP has organized and handful of us photogs to share a few tips. Those include: Joe McNally, David Hobby, David Nightingale, Drew Gardner, Vincent LaForet, Zack Arias, Carol Dragon, Cliff Mautner, Asim Rafiqui, Chris Hurtt, Bobbi Lane, and Robin Nichols to name a few.

Happy watching.

[Update: The fine folks over at thought this talk was quite relevant. As such, they forked out their own $$ to have all 14,000 words from this video transcribed. It’s broken out into three sections, one for each Hobby, Nightingale, and yours truly. So, if you’d rather read these words, use em for school or whatever, then be sure to visit this CreativeTechs post. Thanks Craig!.]

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