Photoshop CS4/Color Correction Class – FREE in Seattle

Want to learn something about color correction and Photoshop CS4?

Just got off the horn with my friend Craig, founder of CreativeTechs here in Seattle (I reference them regularly on this blog). CreativeTechs is THE go-to group for Apple Mac support here in Seattle, offering “right brain support for left brained people”. In addition to tech support, they also do cool seminars on a variety of topics including retouch techniques, software, etc… They’ve been doing these classes for a long while – they’re great. 90 minutes long – short and really dense with great info, and normally go for $50.

Craig tells me he will let anyone using the coupon code ‘chasejarvis’ or this link attend tomorrow’s Color Correction Photoshop CS4 class in person for FREE.

(This does not extend to the other people already signed up for the class, so please keep the discount on the down low ;)

That’s tomorrow, Thursday November 6, 9-10:30 am. Follow the above link for event details, location, and to sign up.

Teachers, take your whole class. Students, this is a no brainer…

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