Updated Portfolio + New Project

I just recently updated my online portfolio with some more images that strike the chord I’ve been pursuing lately: curious moments coupled with simple, inky finishes that kick contrast and density rules to the curb.

Reminds me: I gained some insights, some laughs and some horror out of reading the comments from a post not too long ago where I encouraged you to Be My Editor, as well as the followup post The Results Are In. From “Genius!” to “Looks like a teenager with a D40″, the comments poured in–several hundred comments in less than 24 hours–and the range of feedback was wiiiiide. Loved it, really. Resulted in my inbox looking like Jean Michel Basquiat’s hair, but I loved it. Lovers, haters, and some WTF?’ers. Right where I’d wanna be, actually. Rather have that then nothing worth a conversation.

Years ago I rolled out like a textbook and I felt like half a man because of it. Nowadays, I could give a shyte. I want to make the pictures I want to make. Period. And funny thing – it’s works. Those crafty art directors have a sixth sense for when you’re doing work you like. They can smell it, and they pick up the phone.

BTW, for those that like a bit of a game, how about big cash prizes a high five and a frozen pizza to whomever nails (in the comments section) which image #’s in my portfolio are newly added. [Update: have had lots of people within one image of getting the list of new shots correct. Now either a tuned-in reader or a statistician is soon to get it…]

More discussion and a new addition to the Projects page after the jump. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

Ok, so this new-ish project I’ve also recently posted is nothing like the projects that normally drive me (like this). The new little project I’ve been working on rather irregularly for a couple of years is a series of landscape images from New Zealand.

Backstory is that I work in New Zealand a lot since it’s opposite seasonally to the northern hemisphere. Shoots like to go down south (NZ, Chile, South Africa) to get opposite weather and shoot “in-season” material for stuff that’s not going to see the light of day up north for 6 months. You get it. Anyway, I’m there a lot and am constantly awed by the landscape. Stunning. So on each trip down to the En Zed, as they say, I’ve been aiming to get a couple of handsome landscapes. It’s finally getting somewhere.

In reality, I don’t have anywhere near the patience to be a true landscape shooter, nor do I have the desire. It’s totally out of my character, which is precisely why it’s healthy for me to slow down just a little bit and look around for these shots. As my Dad would say, “it builds character” (…to which Harvey Keitel responds, from Pulp Fiction, “just because you are a character doensn’t mean you have character…”). Regardless, it gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me see other shots better in the work I enjoy. If you’re a shooter reading this, and you’re not occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone, consider giving it a try some time. It’ll get your knickers in a twist, but ultimately it will make you a better photographer.

To those of you who got a sneak peek at these shots in NYC, and have at one time or another come with pitch forks demanding I post them, here ya go. To the rest, there might be something there worth looking at, but there might not be. If nothing else you’ll at least see some of what New Zealand has to offer.

Remember to tell me which shots are new in the portfolio. I’m interested if you know or if you even care, really.

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