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Alrighty. I’m pumped to try something new here. Today I am starting work on a 4-day North American advertising campaign, which–according only to what those I know in the biz can confirm for me–might just be the first such campaign shot using the Nikon D3x.

Oh ya, btw, I’ve started dropping some 24.5 megapixel Nikon bombs these days. Just got a production D3x on Friday.

As a part of my continued mission with this here blog, I thought you might find it interesting to see a play-by-play via Twitter and my Facebook page (text, photos + videos if/wherever possible), of our loving and/or grappling with a new beast of a camera amidst a real, commercial project.

Why Twitter and Facebook and not the blog? Well, I’ve got better on-the-fly access to both those platforms in my pocket via iPhone. Easy peasy. I’ll do my best to summarize all this via the blog–perhaps in a video–as soon as I can; but until then, I’ll give the down and dirty as often as I can from my pocket to yours. As such, I’m accepting Facebook friends and follower inquiries are welcome on my Twitter account.

[UPDATE: I’ve also posted my twitter feed in the margin to the right for those of you following along…just refresh often…]

As is standard with most contracts surrounding the creation of ad campaigns, I can’t share who I’m shooting for nor what the campaign is about, nor can I show any images from the campaign until it goes live. This is about the camera, not the shoot details. Hopefully this makes sense to you. (Although I do have an inquiry into the client to see if they’d like to open that up a tad!). I can tell you stuff about the camera and the super-basic following:

-It’s a lifestyle shoot.
-It’s a location-based shoot.
-I’ll be shooting tethered, if possible.

Beyond that, expect the information flow to focus on what I’m thinking, what gear we’re using and why, my thoughts on image quality, any challenges we might face with software or firmware, successes, hiccups, holy sh*ts, etc, etc. You get the picture. For the next four days.

Lastly, please keep in mind that I’m not a camera reviewer, a talking head, or a tech geek. I’m a photographer. In full disclosure, this isn’t a Nikon thing. Yes, they sent me the camera. Yes I’m a Nikon Master (whatever that means) but this is not their idea, they actually have no idea what I’m doing with it. Just something new that I thought might be interesting. Or it could suck. But let’s give it the ol’ college try.

Starting immediately. As in we leave to location and begin pre-light at 11am PST, in 7 minutes. Woot!

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