Songs For Eating and Drinking #2.0 – Hip Hop

You know the Songs for Eating and Drinking project I’ve got going with my buddy Hebb. (If not, check here.)

Long story short, we followed up our foiled attempt to get to our Portland S.F.E.A.D two weeks ago, with a night I’ll never forget. Last Saturday, after a year in the making and some gracious help from our beloved Sabzi, we were able to briefly unite Seattle’s once-underground-but-now-erupting hip-hop community–at a dinner table set for 50–for a humble evening of lamb stew, a French red, and a tidal wave of raw and intimate performances. I was awestruck. The Seattle paper, The Stranger, wrote:

“Last week I saw something incredible. Jake One, DV One, Tha Stahi Bros, Fatal Lucciauno, Spaceman, the Saturday Knights, Grayskul, Cancer Rising, Nite Owls, J.Pinder, Dyme Def, GMK, Blue Scholars, Grynch, Macklemore, Common Market, Piece, the Physics, Mad Rad, and others all sat in a room, ate a crackin’-ass dinner, drank like fuckin’ fish, and gave a series of short, intimate, straight-up-thrilling performances. It was definitely one of the favorite experiences I’ve had since being involved in music—and this is coming from someone who got to fucking meet Marvin Gaye…”

With 4 HD video cameras rolling, 10 channels of audio into the board, Nikon digis ripping frames at high ISO, and an old Hasselblad winding through some Delta 3200, we shared in the evening and captured the evening to share it. And we will continue pour it out for the coming weeks.

Enjoy the a-capella performance above delivered by Geologic of Blue Scholars (turn your ears down if you’re sensitive to the occasional f-bomb), hit the jump to see the full post, another video featuring Macklemore‘s Air Jordans, lots of still photos, and a sneak peak behind the scenes. [click ‘continue reading’ below]

And here’s a few still images from the evening:

Grynch, backlit.

Mad Rad, screaming mad.

Vitamin D drops knowledge.

RA Scion of Common Market.

and here’s a link to 100 more still images from the evening, plus behind the scenes and pre-production.

In case you care, here’s how we captured the visuals…

Cameras video: 4 Canon XHA-1’s
Cameras digital still: Nikon D3
ISO: 3200
Cameras film still: Hasselblad 503cm
Film: Ilford Delta 3200
Approximate ambient exposures for both still cameras: f4, 1/60
Lighting: candles + mix of Lowel and Arri spots with barn doors

Stay tuned here and at the Songs for Eating and Drinking site for additional performances added weekly. There’s some seriously cool shiznit coming down the pipe from this evening.

[Here’s another 100 images from S.F.E.A.D. #1.0 featuring performers from Pearl Jam, Head Like a Kite, Arthur & Yu, and others.]
[Original blog post about S.F.E.A.D.]

Adam Belnap says:

That Geo is BANANAS.

I am hunting him down to buy something.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ eric we have it processed and scanned at Panda in Seattle.

What do you guys do with the film? Do you guys develop the film and stuff yourselves then scan it? Or enlarge it? Or take it down to CVS or what?

Anonymous says:

The bokeh at the end makes it look like penises.

Adam says:

Put me on the long list of volunteer photographer’s assistants for next time…that looks pretty cool. Makes me want to try something smaller scale in my neck of the woods. Keep on keepin’ it real.

That’s so sick! It’s just so awesome to see dudes come together like that and share. It’s that kind of stuff that makes the future seem so cool for me as a young teenage photographer.

Long time lurker, this is my first time commenting.

My initial though was what the buck?! I almost thought I click the wrong tab on my netvibes reader.

That was really neat! Spoken words + candles, wine and lamb stew. sounds like recipe for a mellowy escapist heaven.. whatever that means.

Chase, I want to give you the key to the city even though i don’t have it. Outstanding citizen!


Your backstage video always are so professional and interesting!
May be You and Cody will post a tips about how to create backstage videos? It can help others to make their own.

May be once you will create a video tips for us “how to make behind the science video”. You always do so professional and interesting backstage videos!
If you will share your experience it will be cool. Nobody talking about that, but I think a lot of photographers want to share their backstage.

Oscar Lopez says:

Wow. Simply amazing.
Another wanna-be-there comment.
Looks like you are inspiring a lot of people around the globe.

Just like the people from Austin are making one, there is a team of us trying to make it happen north of the border.

I would love the get a copy of the email or reply you may send Carlton Wade, it would help out alot!

Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Darien Chin says:

I will admit to jealousy..

Ben is a cool cat.

Shelby White says:

The performance by Mackelmore was amazing, I watched it last night.

Also the performances by loch lomond were awesome. Any plans to have them at the table again?

Great job on the coverage =)

garyallard says:

This project just keeps getting better. And it must feel really special that you got to host it in your own space. There had to be some leftover magic in that room the next day…

I like the vibe you are creating with “other” types of artist. Goes back to the days of the “Artist Salons”.

Scott Van Dyke

Anonymous says:

Simply stunning. The poetry that the MC’s are spitting is fucking pure, and your photos are gallery worthy.

Rockhopper says:

Next time i am over I will do some improv at the piano for you, as long as I get an invite,


OG says:

Very nice Chase, and of course your crew. My team and I are working on a similar project here in Austin. Interesting… A possible future collaboration? Guess we’ll see.


Valeriy Veduta says:

So many interest and talented people meet in one place!
That is really cool!
BTW. Your candlesticks are amazing.

Valeriy Veduta

Michael Warf says:

I must admit to jealousy. A night like that would be a welcome break from the endless stretch of being a solo parent at home with 4 kiddies. Grass is always greener I guess. Looked like a great night!

KJMoore says:

That was extremely awesome!!

Carlton Wade says:

Outstanding. I’m falling behind. Not sure if you ever got my previous comment (under a separate post), but we’re doing one of these here in Austin on Feb 7. Sure would like your blessing/comments/warnings/threats/whatever.

Thanks, again, as always, Chase, for sharing.


shashank says:

man…that was cool…quite inspiring.

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