This is Not a Nikon D3x Review. It’s Just Me and Scott Talking.

[Update: the video hummed along nicely for about 24 hours, however sometime late Saturday/early Sunday the embedded video stopped playing here, presumably due to Facebook bandwidth constraints/large traffic volumes. We reposted and it was just more of the same. They’re still serving it to my Facebook page if you’re interested in checking it out there.]

Whew! Just wrapped the first ever (I’m told) national ad campaign shot with the Nikon D3x. What an absolute beaut of a camera. I’m smitten.

Hopefully you were able to follow along via Twitter and my Facebook Page for the play by play. I can’t share all the details of what I was working on (see my earlier post for why), so unfortunately no sample pics just yet, but this here lo-fi vid cut and pasted from my Facebook gives the quick and dirty about Nikon’s new, bad-ass, flagship camera.

Now back to my edit and sipping on Robitussin ;)

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