God Save the Queen

Just wanted to break up the pace today and share a couple of links that I recently plucked from my inbox. Where it used to be just still images and portfolios that were sent my way by readers, it’s now often personal projects that engage a mixture of stills, moving images, and audio/music. And everyone knows I’m an advocate of personal projects… Without my intending, it seems that each of the three I posted below are from the Commonwealth – a Brit and a couple Canadians. God save the Queen.

This first piece is from a photo journalist mate o’ mine, Edmond Terakopian. Like so many great shorts films/videos these days, Edmond shot “Muse” with a video dSLR, in this case the Canon 5d. A moody piece about the solitude of London or any big city.


Two other projects–one epitomizing late summer nights as a young adult and the other about skateboarding–after the jump. Hit the ‘continue reading’ link below…

Multimedia from a project called We Are Sleeping Giants, by Brooks Reynolds. Reminds me of warm summer nights in high school and college.

And from skateboard photographer, Ryan Allan, this short-but-dreamy-vid likely conjures up warm fuzzy feelings in any photographer, regardless of genre, of a shoot gone well.

Thanks again for sending in your projects. Great to see photographers from all walks and all genres out shooting curious and interesting stuff, mixing media without pretense, and sharing it with the world.

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