Interview Mania.

I wanted to share with you three interviews I’ve recently given… This stuff normally lives on the press page where it can be a touch more shameless, but I’ve been buried all week and was looking for some low hanging fruit. Plus, I wanted to call these out because you should consider visiting the sites of each of these interviewers. They’re all utter gentlemen who are putting out lots of great content for the photography community.

1) a video interview I gave a few weeks ago for the recently-launched Photoshow, hosted by bay area photographer and business guru, Marc Silber. This is the third episode. First: Annie Leibovitz. Second: Ansel Adams’ son, Michael, about Ansel’s work. What a thug like me is doing in the third slot?…


2)Then there’s this interview from a couple weeks ago with Ron Dawson for his longstanding podcast, F-Stop Beyond. Very atypical questions. He drilled me on art, commerce, hanging out of helicopters, and of course Nietzsche, why I’m an only child, and why Jean Michel Basquiat is relevant to photography. There are about 70 other interviews on his site.

3) Last week at photoshop guru, David Cross’ blog, I was asked to “finish the sentence.” I like David’s style of short and punchy interviews. You can check it out here. His site is normally steeped in photoshop stuff, and there are a lot of these interviews intermingled.

Thank you to these fine fellows. Please pay them a visit if you’ve got the time as there’s great content there and many more interviews from people more interesting than yours truly.

Happy weekend.

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