LiveBooks is Live and Fake Chuck Is Dead.

Lots of blogs come and go, but of note this week are two… One coming, the other, well, we’re not sure.

First, liveBooks–known globally for their custom photography websites–humbly but proudly joined the online discussion last Tuesday by launching a new blog titled RESOLVE. (I’ve been a liveBooks fan for some time, having switched over to their smooth setup late in 2007 after being impressed by their ability to serve up big photos, and fast.) Their blog kicked off this week after snatching up editor Miki Johnson from American Photo magazine to run the thing. Good moves. Her stated goal is to create “A collaborative online community that brings together photographers and photo industry professionals of every kind” with the goal of “keeping photography relevant, respected, and profitable.” I’ll raise a glass to that. They’re nice folks over there, and I’ll venture they’ll have something to say in the coming weeks and months. Rumor has it, there will be lots of guest posts from a variety of photo industry perspectives. Pay Miki a visit and say hello as she settles in…

Second, you’re familiar with the old Fake Steve Jobs blog that died this past summer? Blogger Dan Lyons once rambled on as the satirical alter ego of Apple’s beloved CEO, the real Steve Jobs. Sometimes humorous, other times painful, that blog had its day and it’s now done – Dan has moved on. On the heels of that, however, enter stage right another little fake blog that started up over at fake Canon. Introducing Fake Chuck Westfall, the alter ego of the long time Media and Customer Relation boss at Canon USA.

Simultaneously loving and hating, praising and chastising Canon, it seems that the satirical Fake Chuck (who made me LMAO when he once labeled yours truly as “on crack” and put me in the cast of Wedding Crashers in the same post) has officially been ordered to close up shop. Canon’s law firm, Loeb and Loeb, came a knocking. And since you’re not new to the ol’ internets, you know what sort of an effect that had…the news spread like wildfire and Fake Chuck’s site went from an average of 200 pageviews per day to 20,000 overnight. Ain’t the internet grand?

So is FCW closed up or not? We’ll have to wait and see. Jury is still out.

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