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If you’re at all interested in occasionally subverting digital-only communities and you’d wanna gather over a beer or a bite with yours truly and some other like-minded people, I’ve begun holding impromptu social gatherings at random spots around the world, and would love for you to join in.

Participating is simple. Just follow me on Twitter (@chasejarvis) and keep your eyes peeled for an occasional flurry of tweets outlining a place and a time. You’ll have to wade thru my other twitter ramblings and daily iPhone image postings, but at some point, I’ll tweet about getting together for a social at some random bar, restaurant, ice cream parlor, opium den, playgound, etc, and we’ll connect and chat photography, video, art, pop culture, whatever. Doesn’t matter if 2, 20, or 200 people show up – I’m just interested in meeting some people that I’ve historically had virtual-only relationships with, getting people together analog-style, and talking shop. This is not formal in any way, in fact… [click the ‘continue reading’ link below]

…it’s exactly the opposite: my little rebellion against it. This is not me talking. It’s not a seminar. It’s not a photo event or Flickr roundup. Think impromptu beers or coffee with friends. Think casual gathering, with a short lead time, flash-mob style. Think SOCIAL. No host bar/food, just show up and hang out and socialize. And if you’re thinking I only make it to the big cities, think again. My travel schedule puts me in some pretty random places, and I’d like to meet you.

I am on the road a lot–including this week–so if this interests you, tune in to Twitter. Hope we cross paths in real life.

[And, lastly, thanks again for all the feedback on my recently refreshed If you missed the post or haven’t ducked outside of your email or RSS reader to check it out, I’d welcome some feedback. Muy bueno and many thanks.]

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