In the event that you’re an RSS reader, or get this blog via email, I’d love to direct your attention to–and get your feedback on–a refreshed Pop outta that reader and pay me a visit if you’ve got a minute.

A brief tour, highlights by page:

_Portfolio section now has an ‘s’ on the end of it: PORTFOLIOS. Showing way more work and happy about it. Revived some old favorites, tossed in some new grimy. Some vids. This will now get updates much more regularly. We’ve got a bunch of stuff in the hopper and I’m taking a lot of photos these days…

_Campaigns. Couple changes, but his will get updated with more fresh stuff soon.

_Chase. New bio vid, new pics, complete with me drinking beer at my 1st birthday. (I hate doing these things, but Cody makes me.)

_Staff. No change. (But check ‘em out if you haven’t watched their bio vids. Simply amazing group of dudes and dudettes. Love em. Take note of our newest member, Mikal the producer. At one point she actually says “everyone here is pretty nice”. Pretty nice?)

_Press. Unabashed promo. Skip this if you can’t stomach it. I’ll understand completely.

_Studio. Refreshed vid. Can’t really call it our new studio and show a vid of us building it out anymore. As such, Cody whipped together some B-roll and some stills for this facelift.

_Contact. Got a new phone number for Paris. My SIM died and couldn’t connect with the carrier, Orange, in time to preserve the old one. C’est la vie.

_Blog. Keep on truckin’. Added a search bar so you can find obscure references to Ninjas, iPhones, 1968, Pearl Jam, bikinis, RWAV, D90, D3x, Strobist, Laforet, Jackanory, APE, RAW, etc.

_Logo. I hate logos. Well, let’s say I struggle with logos for photographers. I’ve racked brains with smart friends David Airey and Finn McKenty in the past to come up with something I could stomach. In the end we’ve just taken their great lead, stripped it to a font-based mark, and removed the dots above the j and the i for a little mojo. Tossed in kerning tweak. It’s not a logo, it’s a name. And I finally like it.

Big thanks to my host liveBooks (big images, fast – tell them I sent you) for helping up update the site and Dartanyon, our in-house guru.

Now having said all that, hit me with some feedback. Happy Wednesday.

[and thanks for all of those Twitter friends who have already chirped me @chasejarvis with the feedback!]

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