Film Hurts, In A Good Way. Introducing Doug Menuez 2.0

“Mulling it over, I couldn’t articulate it fully but definitely, I knew I had become lazy, really lazy. A spectacular sloth by the standards of shooting film. Film is hard. Film is a stone cold unforgiving killing bastard. Film is once in a lifetime, no excuses. F8 and really, really be there: ready, steady, in focus, correct exposure, and pressing the shutter in synch with life.”

Doug Menuez said that, just this morning. And if you are unaware of Mr. Menuez, start taking notes. You may recall the piece he wrote that I linked to a couple months ago called Surviving Your Own Photography Career.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I had a long brunch with Doug in NYC. Great photographer, amazing man. We talked about some really heavy stuff and, alternatively, we laughed our asses off. He’s now clicked into 2.0 mode, and is writing regularly over at his new blog Doug Menuez 2.0: Go Fast, Don’t Crash.

Pay him a visit. Often. And start by reading the rest of the post above titled the Zen of Film vs. Digital Gratification.

[BTW, like Doug, I’m a closet film shooter. About once a month. It feels so brutish and raw. Hurts so good. Let that be our little secret…]

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