Fine Art Photography in Dubai

If you’ve tuned into my Facebook or Twitter recently, you’ll know I’m finally back in the saddle, stateside, after a couple of fun and productive weeks in Dubai, UAE. I made my way to the Middle East’s skyscraper mecca for a number of reasons, one of which–I’m proud and excited to share–was my first official fine-art gallery show.

Having been uber-busy heading into the planning of this thingie, I went into it with low expectations–maybe even reservations–only to have them smashed to tiny little pieces. And for that I have many thanks: to the elegant curator, Elie Domit, who pulled together the group show–appropriately titled Kaleidoscope–as well as my fellow show mates Asim, Drew, Joe, and Vince, all of whom I adore. Also, I owe deep gratitude to the master planner, Mohammed Somji, and his right hand lady, Hala, who made all this happen. The two of them had been so very unassuming about the arrangements they had secured for the show…just a sort of “cool new gallery” they’d said. Just so happens that the gallery is the swanky, new, and architecturally stunning space called The Empty Quarter gallery nestled in the Gate Village area of Dubai’s DIFC neighborhood.

But, as perfectly fitting as it is, the biggest thanks I owe is actually to you. If it weren’t for so many of you encouraging my b+w New Zealand landscape series (some of you from way back from the first time I showed any of these images back at Photoshelter Keynote in NYC), this multi-year project that literally started out as scouting photos for commercial jobs, would likely never had left the ground as a legit fine art project, and certainly wouldn’t be hanging in Dubai. I’m so NOT a classic landscape shooter and had really just been privately moonlighting as one in order to push myself beyond my comfort zone…but all the notes of encouragement you sent my way really made me take it more seriously. And for that, I’m grateful. Thank you thank you thank you.

What’s starting as a trickle here with this fine art kick off, will hopefully be a firehose of more progressive material in the not too distant future.

If you happen to be passing through Dubai (do people do that?), the show hangs until April 15. All prints at TEQ are limited editions of 45 and are 16X24” on archival inkjet. You can see the entire series here (I’d love your feedback), and can ping the studio in Seattle if you’re interested in pricing or alternate sizes.

A supershort Facebook vid that Cody pulled out of his Flip Mino HD from the opening evening, plus a comic releif snapshot, compliments of Scotty and Cody after the jump. [Click the ‘continue reading’ link below.]

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