iPhone Photo of the Week

For a couple months now I’ve been posting an iPhone image to my Twitter and Facebook everyday. No photoshop, just in-iPhone-app editing and a mobile post. The exercise originally started for two reasons: 1)to keep the creative/vision mojo flowing; and 2)emphasize the image, not the tools needed to create it. Its been really key in my own creative development lately, and I’ve been jazzed to get a ton of community feedback around how this little endeavor has taken hold in others’day to day as well.

That said, I wanted to bring a piece of this action here to the blog on a semi-regular basis for those of you who are not tweeters or facebookers. Idea is that I’ll post a handful of my iphone images from the previous week or so here and ask for your vote in the comments about your favorite. Any above the belt feedback is always welcome, as would be links to iphone images that you’re creating.

So which is your favorite of the following four images? [first one here, other three after the jump…]

Some hotel lobby lamps…

- click the ‘continue reading’ link below …

Light at Frankfurt airport.

Flag on the beach in Dubai.

Fire hydrant by my local coffee shop.

Discarded shopping cart.

Vote for your fav, post a link, or post some feedback in the comments.

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