POV Photography: One Helluva Bird’s Eye View

POV photography has come a long way. I’ve long had a serious interest in it, but this video by José Luis Ortiz (and behind the scenes photographed here by Erwan Grey) brings a whole new meaning to helmet cam. Couldn’t pass on sharing this…

It used to be a pie in the sky idea to get a “birds-eye” view. Then we made cameras smaller, and we attached them to remote control helicopters. Now we’re just strapping them straight to eagles!? Sure some pro cine guys could argue this footage has some room to grow–say smooth cam in Final Cut Pro–but don’t tell me this isn’t amazing. Props for the innovation, guys.

Dig at the 5:50 and after 7:00 mark the kind of speeds at which this raptor is diving. I’m excited to see where this type of video can go. Can I please watch this bird hunt?

Photo of the rig and addt’l POV stuff after the jump.

Photo by Erwan Grey.

The whole story, in Spanish, plus lots more of Erwan’s photos here. Thx NotCot!

[Makes my Chase Jarvis TECH: POV Photography video look like child’s play.]
[Guy Ritchie, however, sure has figured it out with some help from Nike.]

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