Consequences of Creative Vision: ADCD Teaser #3

I’m giving a chat about creativity + social media at the Art Directors Club of Denver. This 45-second teaser video highlights the consequences of creative vision.

This talk is open to the public, tickets are available here. Please tell your friends. Hope to see you there.

[Ok. So I promise this is the LAST one of these … We’ve really upped the cheese factor to 11. Had so much fun pulling these stupid things together. We laughed like kids for the entire day. In case you missed the first teaser video, and the second teaser video, check them out. In reality the fire hose one hurt the most…]

Who: You + the Art Directors Club of Denver + the ASMP
What: Chase Jarvis keynote address
When: Friday, June 12, 6pm
Where: Denver, CO (Denver News Auditorium)

[If you get this via RSS or email and can’t see the video, click here.]


I did this for real once. Not fall off a bridge, but tripped over a boulder behind me while shooting.

I felt like a such a tool..

Yes, the fire is a nice touch

Really funny video – my 13 year old was doubled up with laughter when he saw it.

Lawrence says:

What don't you do bro.. amazing amazing!

Brian says:


I attend the ACDC event tonight and just wanted to say thank you for the great night of inspiration and information!

Russ Green says:

Thanks from Denver for your presentation. I enjoyed it and was perfect timing to hear it, at least for me! Thanks Russ

These videos are freaking funny, I was expecting something to come flying down the line and hit you, but this works.


Catalin says:

Cool enought, although the first was by far the best of them all.

When would we see a making of ? *wink, wink*

Konfral says:

Chase, I'll give you 11 on the cheese factor scale for this one :-)

I do hope, however, that you'll post something from the talk itself!

Keep up the great work – your stuff is VERY inspirational. Thanks ^ 100

Stu says:

Love It… Very funny…

Kirk Lau says:

I didn't see the fire coming…

Anonymous says:

Nice dismount! lol.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ sunkid: sometimes i shoot with sunglasses on. depends on a lot of factors, but i'll do it on occasion…

sunkid says:

Serious question, Chase: do you shoot with sunglasses on? I find mine always get in the way and am using a sling to have them hanging from my neck when I take them off to shoot.

Lyndon says:

ha. thats terrible. but a little funny

Tuana says:

Haha! where did the flame come from ? :) Good one :)

Photowiz says:

OMG – Where any Nikon cameras torchured or killed to make this video?

Scott says:

Does this mean that the Denver event is now cancelled? HA! Great job Chase!

fas says:

Superb effects there. Cool stuff.

The fire at the end makes this video. How many times is Chase going to die? A cat of 9 lives? :)

Michael says:

I was expecting Erika to be a goat or something :). C'mon Erika .. c'mon .. and then pan over to the goat/small dog/monkey … :)

Dave says:

These vids are a bit like South Park, except we are substituting Chase for Kenny !

Haha! Awesome special-effects!

Mich says:

too obvious, Chase… B- =8~D

Hahah… Absolute classic. Love it!

Chase Jarvis, the hottest photographer around. He's really on fire these days.

(Sorry couldn't resist some bad puns)

Anonymous says:

I want my 30 seconds back

Chris says:

thanks for making me laugh. Nice!

Chase Jarvis says:

@boback, @ everybody: thx for the feedback. we had a hoot making this thing. in different iterations of it we had clouds of dust or had explosions, even more horrific camera angles, etc. absurdus maximus… ultimately we decided on this way because it was by far the most corny. which was our ultimately goal. corn and self mockery ;)

Boback says:

A little cloud of smoke on impact would have been funnier.

Corey Luke says:

Ha Ha, I love it. The best part is how blatant it is. Not like the ones that try to hard to be real!

Luisus says:

Jajajajaja is hilarious.

That is flat out hilarious. The fire made it.

SONERO says:

Cheese Chase… But loved it.

I'm cracked in half now >< what happened to the D3+70-200VR? O_O

Chad Zellner says:


Anonymous says:

I love the progression from surprise (first one) to pain (like the jackass films) to hilarious cheese (catching on fire like The Simpson cartoons). I’m a big fan of your ability to be creative, but to also poke fun at yourself and all of us photogs. Rare in this industry.

Thanks for keeping it real (and light).

-Bill W.


The first edition was better.

Where’d the camera go?

Joe Sankey says:

Thanks, I just snarfed my coke. Brilliant.

Brian says:

These have been too funny… I think the first was the best, took me by complete surprise! Saw this one coming… ; )

Kevin says:

Hey, that bridge is by my house. Did you pay the fine for throwing stuff off it?

Mike Folden says:

You kind of “fell off” on this one… I like the first two a lot more.

Ian says:

that’ll teach you to shoot with yer shades on!

Kevin says:

HAHAHAHA the flames at the end so reminiscent of The Simpsons funny stuff Chase.

Matthew Kerr says:


Ed Z says:

Oh Chase, you so crazy!

Are you follow your Kung fu video – you was killed by water fire wind (truck)… so what next… Earth?

nuts muc says:

right… the fire did it. need to clean my nose.

Chase, is that you screaming? hahaha, awesome…

Jonny says:

The fire was a very nice touch!

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