Consequences of Creative Vision: ADCD Teaser #3

I’m giving a chat about creativity + social media at the Art Directors Club of Denver. This 45-second teaser video highlights the consequences of creative vision.

This talk is open to the public, tickets are available here. Please tell your friends. Hope to see you there.

[Ok. So I promise this is the LAST one of these … We’ve really upped the cheese factor to 11. Had so much fun pulling these stupid things together. We laughed like kids for the entire day. In case you missed the first teaser video, and the second teaser video, check them out. In reality the fire hose one hurt the most…]

Who: You + the Art Directors Club of Denver + the ASMP
What: Chase Jarvis keynote address
When: Friday, June 12, 6pm
Where: Denver, CO (Denver News Auditorium)

[If you get this via RSS or email and can’t see the video, click here.]

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