iPhone 3GS Is The Photographer’s iPhone

In case you haven’t heard the news, the best camera is the one that’s with you, like in your pocket right now. For yours truly and anybody else who can part with $200-$300, that will on June 19th be the newly announced iPhone 3GS. Looks like this will be an amazing little tool for those of us interested in taking pictures and shooting video when our dSLR’s are outta reach.

In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap of the hot new photo and video specs for the iPhone 3GS:

- 3 megapixel camera
- low light capture modes
- autofocus
- autoexposure
- OR tap to focus, allowing focus and white balance adjustment on the fly
- auto macro lens (up to 10cm away)


- 30 frames per second VGA video
- auto focus
- auto white balance
- auto exposure

Other handy stuff for us photo/video geeks:

- 16 and 32 GB storage
- faster processor
- cut and paste multiple photos into email, etc
- multimedia messaging (send photos via sms/text)

I dunno about you, but I’m pumped. All that in your pocket – always. LOVE to hear your thoughts. For photos highlighting some of these features, plus some additional snazzy chatter hit ‘Continue Reading’ link below…

Here’s a highlight photo from the WWDC just moments ago of the “tap to focus” selective focus option:

Here’s a demo image of the auto macro setting in effect (to 10cm):

Here’s a demo image highlighting the low light capabilities:

Here’s a demo shot of video mode:

And here’s a shot of video sharing mode:

Hope all that makes things a little sweeter.

If you haven’t seen my iphone photo gallery before, please check it out here. I also post daily iPhone images to my twitter feed (@chasejarvis) and to my Facebook fan page. Love to see your avatar there and/or get any feedback.

Details on the other non-photo iPhone 3GS stuff here on Gizmodo. Big thanks to the Giz for the screengrabs and their play by play, live blogging the announcement.

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