Olympus Pen Digital And Maybe A New Way Of Thinking

Do you recall the story of my uncle’s war camera – the little Olympus Pen half frame? Well, looks like they’ve reinvented it (read here) digitally using the new micro 4/3 sensor technology and it got me thinking.

Since you know by now I believe deeply that the best camera is the one that’s with you. And since I’m an advocate of keeping a camera with you at all times, it’s obvious that small cameras are easier to haul around than large ones. As such, this little Olympus–and potentially a huge wave of cameras following this path (ahem, Nikon and Canon?)– could drive a revolution of small, high powered cameras with interchangeable lenses. I mean, c’mon, check out this sweet little 17mm 2.8 on this Pen. This camera clearly fits into your shirt pocket. If these micro 4/3 sensors can get noise issues figured out and they can add an array of lenses… [Click ‘continue reading’ link below]

…might we be onto something?

Don’t get me wrong, those of us that have them, we love our D3x’s and H3D’s for the majority of large scale commercial work–and that level of camera is certainly here to stay–, but it seems we could be in for a real polarization of technology in the very near future. At one end, the really big and buff – the big dSLRs I mentioned + DSMC’s like the forthcoming RED camera system; and at the other end of the spectrum a new standard–perhaps even professional quality–of highly effective micro cameras.

And it’s what this begets that interests me: Might we then also see a new era of professional photographer, a backlash in the spirit of Terry Richardson who lands large commercial commissions but who’d rather shoot Kate Moss with a point and shoot than with a Hasselblad?

The only thing that’s constant is change.

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