Someone’s Got to Be First

In any discipline, it’s tough to be first. The first guy to make a battery powered car, the first first gal to wear combat boots with a babydoll dress, or the first guy to eat 50 hotdogs in 10 minutes. People may laugh at you. They might even point and laugh.

In the world of creativity, it’s especially tough. Not physically hard, but emotionally hard; hard to have the cajones to lay it out there different than anybody else is doing it, saying, “THIS is my style, come and get it”…putting a stake in the ground–whether it’s with fashion, filmmaking or photography–and not giving a rat’s arse what everybody else is doing or thinking.

Well, the guy in this vid pretty much nails it. Be sure to take some humor away from this, but be reminded that it took this guy standing up at the beginning of the video to get it all started.

Someone’s got to be first, why not make it you?

BTW, Seth Godin thinks you should be #3.

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