Subversive Winner: Make A Music Video With Surveillance Cameras

I missed this when it came out last month, but I’m smitten with the concept and decided it must be shared. Regardless of whether you like the track or not… Reminds us why art and new media is so freaking cool. From The Future of Media:

“The band set up their music equipment, from microphones to drum kit, in eighty different locations, including buses and what appear to be taxi cabs, and then requested all of the footage using the Data Protection Act, an English statute similar to the U.S.’s Freedom of Information Act that mandates any individual should have access to all information collected about them.”

Talk about doing a video on the cheap. Very impressive.

What’s even more impressive to me is…[click the ‘continue reading’ link below]

…something I’ve praised before: meta art. Just like my heroes of the NYC art scene in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – Warhol, Basquiat, Johns (hell, even Duchamp way back in 1917). These artists made art that stood on it’s own, and simultaneously commented about the medium, process, or concept in itself.

And this video has that.

Never really thought I’d see that level of meta-narrative in an indie band music video. As such, I give props to this band, The Get Out Clause. And god that must have been a pain in the arse to set up their gear in 80 different locations.

(via Lens Culture)

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Perry Krauel says:

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I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this particular challenge and it really does supply me some fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, coming from what precisely I have observed, I simply just wish when other responses pack on that folks keep on issue and in no way embark upon a soap box regarding some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this fantastic point and although I do not necessarily agree with it in totality, I respect the point of view.

TranceMist says:

And only in Britain, where there are more security cameras than people! :-P

homey says:

nahh seen this idea b4 from asian kung fu generation, except they made it even more intresting when they add a story about a black dot monster XD

video –>

Chase Jarvis says:

you are likely right. i got it offa lens culture.

Ronny Gumption says:

"I missed this when it came out last month…"

Um… It's been around for at least 2 years, right?

This is really neat. I have been working with video lately and trying to come up with creative ways in which to share.


fas says:

Ahhhhh nice concept, love the tone.


about being creative, thought you might like this chase,



Shem Compion says:

Love the concept. makes one start to think on a much broader level when it comes to creativity.

djaef says:

Personally, I think the idea is way cooler than the end result, but ideas make the world go around, and that sort of subversive, cheeky idea is my cup of tea indeed.

Photo Bum says:

Thats cool man!! Just another example if you want to do something bad enough and you have the guts, get out there and do it!!! Thanks for sharing bro!!

perspektive says:

fantastic idea! love the thinking and creativity behind it!
now let's see how many other requests will come through following it :)

Dan Coogan says:

I saw this last year and thought it was fantastic at the time, thanks for reminding me. Love the song as well.

shawnpix says:

I'm not sure how cheap this actually was to make. 80 different locations. Cost of cab rides. All the time spent making phone calls to the right people to get the videos.

Still, I'm sure they saved on some things like not having to hire cameramen and a director. Also, it is a great idea and a pretty cool video. Just trying to point out it may not have been as cheap to make as some may believe.

Rob Dutcher says:

What an awesome idea. Love it!

Stevew says:

What a stupid misuse of the law. Imagine being on the receiving end of one of these requests and having to waste time trawling back through footage to find what they were asking for.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ dave. interesting question you raise about ownership. that's probably one for the supreme court ;)

Bill Millios says:


I feel sorry for the video editor!

Israel says:

This is sooo Cool!!! the song is good as well!!
Thanks for sharing!

Dave says:

Hey Chase,
Thanks for posting, as usual another great post that has me inspired and pondering at the same time.
One question, who do you think owns the footage?
What if a mainstream band wanted to do this? What if an ad agency wants to try something like this for some major campaign. The main concept is not lost on me. I love this kind of thing. I'm just also interested in where this is all going….



Kris Arruda says:

Genius! Cheap, effective, criative, buzz-worthy and a pretty decent song too.

Adam Swords says:

Such a fantastic idea and very well executed. This sort of thing really gives me a buzz :)

Ed Z says:

So cool. I love the whole "meta art" concept as well. Particularly this which is kind of cheeky and wittily subversive.

Jeff Cross says:

Awesome concept and very cool way to produce a music video! The tune is very good as well!

Jeff Cross / Photographer

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