Deconstruct This Photo

One of the ways that helped me learn to create the kind of pictures I wanted to create from a technical standpoint was by trying to reverse engineer the work of others… work that was my friends, that was the photography masters, or, even just cool images I’d seen in magazines. I’d sit there for hours considering what might be at work. It’s a good exercise in trying to understand both the technical stuff AND it can inform the creative for sure.

As such, if anyone is willing to take some stabs, I’d love to know what you think is at work – front to back – in creating this image. Consider lighting, mood, exposures, set build or location, what direction I could be giving the model or anything else you think is relevant. I’ll tell you as much as I can recall about what is actually at work in a follow-up post and maybe kick out a high five or something else to someone who gets closest.

[update: the full story on this image has been revealed here.]

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