Morning of the Shoot: A Quick Video Tour

You asked for more behind the scenes stuff, so I’m doing my best to deliver. This quick, very recent vid is from the morning of a shoot for a global ad campaign. Contracts and lawyers make it so I can’t show any details, but I thought there’s plenty to take away from the general buzz that’s going on. Sort of fun. I know this is super lo-fi, but we’re all crazy busy, so you’re getting the one-take non edit. Hope you enjoy. I’ll do my best to answer questions below. I won’t get to anything on Saturday since it’s my birthday, but I’ll get to them tonight and Sunday/Monday as best I can, so ask away.

As an aside, this vid went up earlier on my Facebook Fan page. I keep content moving around to a handful of channels based on a variety of factors (ease, production value, timing, etc), so if being in the know sooner (sometimes days, sometimes weeks) is of interest to you, I recommend tuning into some or all the channels you frequent most.

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Have a great weekend.

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