Brand New Songs For Eating And Drinking!

In our most amazing Songs For Eating and Drinking evening to date (they keep getting better, but maybe that’s just my bias…), my partner Hebb and I today bow down to the greatness of these musicians. And what a lineup we had… The splendor of this night a couple Wednesday’s ago – the hottest day in Seattle’s history – will be forever burned into my beanie little brain. Sample of the bands represented on this evening:

The Blakes, The Dandy Warhols, Mudhoney, Throw Me The Statue, The Long Winters, The Pica Beats, Rocky Votolato, Say Hi, David Bazan, Sarah Cahoone, Pete International Airport, The Dutchess & The Duke, The Moondoggies.

I’m leaving all four of these performances above the jump in hopes that you’ll check them all out. #3.1 above, Rocky Votolato – wow wow. #3.2 David Bazan (now himself, former lead of Pedro the Lion) – one of the most arresting performer’s I’ve ever seen live. #3.3 Throw Me The Statue – these guys will go huge, I’ll bet a limb. #3.4 Mudhoney – the seminal grunge band is back, and seriously better than ever. Here they’re plugged in as we eat desert at 1am on the rooftop deck. Holy smokes…

And don’t forget: links to these performers on iTunes, 6 or 7 of my favorite stills after the jump [AND 100 more at this gallery here. Please check them out.]

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The epic John Roderick of The Long Winters:

Peter Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols and Pete International Airport

David Bazan as himself. Formerly Pedro the Lion.

Kevin from the Moondoggies:

Kimberly Morrison of The Dutchess and The Duke.

Mark Arm. Mudhoney:


Buy music from these performers via iTunes.

Rock Votolato
David Bazan
Throw Me The Statue

Last reminder…100 more stills at this gallery here. Check ‘em!

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Hannah Grant says:

Love this! Amazing talent guys!

Alexis says:

This is so wonderful.

AJ Sullivan says:

Rocky and David the Lion…wow. That would be pretty amazing to see. Im on the wrong side of the country.

mike boehmer says:

really great stuff. seeing this type of things keeps me inspired. can't wait for the rest.

Joe DuPont says:

Thanks for posting. Great talent. I hooked the computer up to the stereo and could not believe how good the sound was.

Luke Simon says:

Hey Chase,

Love what you've got going here. Very cool.

Cool videos. Looks like you all had a grand time.

This is fabulous!

we need to have something like this on the East Coast … New York City

car blog says:

Nice stuff there, some songs are cool but others are kinda eew!

Simply fantastic! Would love to sit in on one of those!

Rocky's performance…. awesome. Never heard of him before, but I downloaded the album from iTunes right away.

Anonymous says:


I love the Kimberly Morrison image Chase, such a beautiful, arresting image. I'm hoping we can set up a similar collision of artists and food in Sydney – goodness knows we need it. Thank you for sharing…

kcjewel says:

u r a genius chase jarvis… thank you for sharing the most wonderful idea you have ever came up with!! keep it comin and i would really love you if you got some dylan and dylan at one of those things!!

andrew says:

Great stuff indeed!
Mudhoney are still ripping it up, inspirational.

fyi- your link to iTunes for Rocky Votolato only says 'Rock'. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the post, he's always been a favorite of mine.

Austin Joffe says:

This is sweeter than a summer breeze in the winter.

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