Coffee and Donuts With Scobleizer and Friends

[UPDATE: I dunno why Facebook has relegated me to this still image here above, when it’s really a video. In many cases, when we’ve posted a video that’s been flooded with traffic, they’ve stopped serving the video to ease up on their servers. In any case, I’m not sure what’s going on, but if you click ‘continue reading’ below, you will get to see the vid…]

Posted this to Facebook yesterday, but thought it should go here too… Photography lover/tech guru Robert Scoble and I decided to get together during his visit to Seattle for an early morning wander with our cameras last Friday. We both dropped a quick tweet to see if anybody wanted to join us. Results? Met some great people from as far away as Michigan, Portland, and Vancouver.

As a followup, I’m creating another free photo community meetup–this time providing pro gear, models and location, kinda like this but a little different–on the evening of Monday, August 31. Space will be limited and you’ll need to follow me on Twitter to get a slot/find out details.

My fav couple of images that last Friday’s photo walkers posted to my Facebook site, plus a prize, after the jump.

Link to my fav submitted image (because I haven’t got permission to post it here and it’s 5am right now…)by Katie Ford here. Lots of personality to this portrait she snapped. I heard thru the grapevine that Katie likes wine, so for her effort I’ll kick over a de-lish bottle of Brunello that I carted all the way back from Italy myself.

Link to my second fav image from Friday, this one by Bruce Hemingway, here. Love the dreamy and abstract feeling of this one. Nice job, Bruce.

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I’ve been gone for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How often do you update your web site?

As has been said already, it's so refreshing that you are ready to share your knowledge and welcome meeting and talking to fellow photographers of all ability.

Adam says:

Doh! I missed it!

Brett May says:

If you guys are ever in the lower southeast states you guys should do this again. Especially the Atlanta area maybe?

Car Blog says:

That is so very cute :)

Dov says:

I might just fly in from L.A. Monday morning for your shin dig that night!

Carl Pendle Photography says:

how about a photo walk in england?!

David says:

So I'm a little dissapointed I live in Southern Indiana instead of Seattle. But props to Chase Jarvis for teaching other photographers and doing things like this and the flickr roundups and your awesome blog. World needs more people like you.

Chase Jarvis says:

as i mentioned in the post, this is a repost of the goods originally posted to my facebook fan page.

check it there if you're looking for more followup.


Toni H. says:

You are always full of great outputs for both professionals and amateurs! I love it! I also love those sunglasses….I own an identical pair that are silver and white!

Chase Jarvis says:

there's bunch of pro gear because I loaned my cameras and lighting to anybody who wanted to try… thought it would be a nice treat for those that had never used it.

Martin says:

I spotted at least on Hasselblad, pretty amazing for a photowalk.

Roger says:

haha photowalk with a hasselblad.

Taylor says:

This is awesome. You should do one of these around Dallas, Texas sometime soon!

Majesta says:

this is so awesome, i wish i could;ve come!

Brian Legge says:

Thank you and Robert Scoble for putting together the Fremont walk together. It was a great 'getting out of my routine' day.

The event on the 31st finally sign up for Twitter. Now I'm just going to be paranoid that I'll miss the announcement as I'm in meetings most of the day. Yet another reason iphone people win. :)

Heh – I actually pushed back a camping trip with my wife (an anniversary trip no less) by a day to be sure I am here on the 31st. I hope I manage to snag a slot.

Ken Mott says:

Will have to wait till i get home to view your favorites, but there were some great ones.

And i hope i'm around a computer when you post about the next event. Guess its time to upgrade from the KRAZR

Curtis Baker says:

I think it's so cool that you share your knowledge and expertise to any and all photogs that fallow you. I can't stand it when people think their photography is magic and their secrets can't be leaked. Keep on keepin on Jarvis.

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