Painting with Light, Hip Hop Edition

Alright. This is just plain cooler than cool. All y’all have seen photography’s “painting with light”, the technique where you leave the shutter on your camera open for a long time, use a light and drag it around in the frame, and get some cool stuff, writing, shapes, etc. But what do you get when you fuse this technique with one of hip hop culture’s oldest pastimes? You get HALO, the brain-child of Parisian artist, Aissa Logerot. From Logerot’s site:

“Halo is a handy light-writing tool, preserving the techniques and gestures that graffiti artists use with spray cans. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti’s styles. If the light doesn’t have enough battery, users simply have to shake it to have energy again.”

In case you’re having the same ideas I had, I’ve already been in contact with him about getting a production model and he was kind enough to respond immediately: “Chase…Unfortunately, by now, Halo is not produced yet. I am currently in contact with some companies and manufacturers which are interested to develop and produce it. If the product will be industrialized, I will inform you about the distribution.”

Well, congrats on HALO, Aissa. I think it’s cooler than hell and I hope it gets “industrialized”. I get dizzy just thinking of all the possibilities.

[more sweet photos and some links after the jump…]

the prototype:

[via my homies from Mad Rad at their site Out For Stardom. Crush it guys!]
[check out Mad Rad’s stellar performance at an earlier edition of our S.F.E.A.D. project.]

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