Chase Jarvis RAW: Freeskier Action NZ

[Update: reposted the above vid in a refreshed post here since I had new work from the campaign to show and since SanDisk just made an announcement. But do check out the crew vid below – takes a village to make something like this come together….]

As promised, we’ve dug out from all the data and our primary function of actually shooting this SanDisk campaign enough to show you an initial look of the actual work. These video clips aren’t deliverables for us, but rather they’re cool, quick and dirty behind-the-scenes clips highlighting the scenarios from which our still image deliverables will come. Although the finals stills won’t be selected for weeks–when we get back to the ranch and work that out with the client, AD’s, etc–this stuff here should give you a wicked sneak peek, and we’ll be sure to post some obvious outtake stills when we get another tiny breath in our schedule.

Given that one of your biggest questions is always “how do you get access to work with particular talent, whether it’s a fashion model, a celebrity, or–in this case–a world class skier or snowboarder?”, I thought I’d rope in my good friend Christopher Jerard to help introduce this clip. Why? Because the short answer is that models come from a variety of sources. Sometimes we work with modeling agencies–we like a look or a vibe, and we book ‘em. Celebrity stuff often comes via assignment and thru a lot of publicist and media/client back and forth. But HERE, I’ve reached out to Jerard — he runs both Freeskier and Snowboard Magazines. Christopher has been our liaison to the snowsports superstars: Simon Dumont, Peter Olenick, Colby West, TJ Shiller, and JP Auclair. Watch them in action in the above video, then learn more about them and the rest of our awesome crew for the SanDisk job in the video below: Chase Jarvis RAW: NZ Crew. That’s right, two RAW vids in one post. A two’fer if you will….

First, big Ups to my homies from Common Market for the music in the action vid above- they always crush it. Check them out here on iTunes.

And lastly, before diving into the crew vid: in response to all the inquiries pouring in via Facebook and Twitter, the video dSLR that we’re using to pull most of this together is indeed the new Nikon D300s, shooting 720 HD video, complete with the ‘auxiliary audio in’ that we’ve been asking for…(and we’re using this Rode Stereo Video Mic). We are fully digging this setup. Here’s the B&H; link for all y’all to oogle.

Thanks again to SanDisk for letting us share all this stuff. Mad props.

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