Chase Jarvis RAW: NZ Basecamp

When we head off to location, our accommodations vary widely. Most often we stay in hotels, sometimes we rent large flats or houses, but in almost every case, we have a central, community area for gear, data crunching and collaboration. I thought it would be interesting to give you a spin thru that main area in our current “basecamp” to give you a feel for it. In this case, we’re staying in a large 3 bedroom flat, or “villa”. Check it out.

Note: Historically my Chase Jarvis RAW videos have been somewhat polished, but in true RAW spirit, we’re re-writing the playbook on that a bit to accommodate the behind the scenes endeavors we’re creating on the fly here in N Zed. Hope that flys with you.

I also decided to call out and answer some “featured” questions that came in from you yesterday. Those, plus a bunch more links to other behind the scenes content after the jump…[click ‘continue reading’ link below]

Yesterday’s featured questions:

Szabi: One question I have right away is if you post process the daily material on the spot (as in in the evening) or do you shoot and shoot and shoot and then come home to Seattle and post process here everything?

We usually do very little, if any, “final” post production while on location. We occasionally do mock ups, color tests, or quick sketches of how stuff might look using basic Aperture and Photoshop stuff, but all the heavy lifting happens back at the ranch.

M.S. Kirk: How do you keep your hands warm and shoot?!?!!? I have tried different gloves, fingerless mitten combos and even heavy gloves that I take off to shoot with and I do not like any of them. I see that you are in a cold climate similar to what I live in so….help!!!

Funny, I normally wouldn’t think this was super relevant question, but lots of people asked it – another reason I love fielding your questions… Short answer, in all my years working in rugged environments, I’ve never been happy with my handwear options. I’ve reduced it to just pulling my hands out of the gloves for any shooting that requires details movements. If it’s just a matter of squeezing the trigger at the right time (as in I’m pre-focused, etc), I’m not so worried and can leave my gloves on…

John Sturr: Was the site [location] chosen by you or the client? Who determined the budget for the shoot — and how?

Location was selected collaboratively amongst the stakeholders, but initially it came as a recommendation from us. Re Budget: we estimate costs and then collaborate with client to scale to particular budgets. That’s pretty standard.

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