Now You Know: SanDisk Extreme Pro

If you’ve been following along here during my play-by-play for the past 9 days, you already know…

Who I’ve been shooting for: SanDisk
Who I’ve been shooting pictures of: a few of the world’s best athletes
What I’ve been shooting: skiing and snowboarding
Where I’ve been shooting: Queenstown, New Zealand
When I’ve been shooting: dawn till dark
How I’ve been shooting: fast moving action, motor-driving, naturally lit and strobed

The only thing that’s been missing has been the why. Until now. SanDisk has just today announced their new line of of flash memory cards, the SanDisk Extreme Pro. That’s what these images have been about.

Atop this post is a super rough mockup of one of the campaign images I’ve been working on. Here, Colby James West does a Cork 900 Tailgrab. You can expect to see some more shots like this hit the media this autumn. I think the creative direction does a pretty clear job of illustrating the point, eh? Simple, clean, and an obvious story.

And I have to say, I’ve been working my butt off all week, but it’s been interesting because, unlike shooting most other jobs like automotive, energy drinks, or running shoe gigs, I actually get to use the product as a part of my craft. I don’t know much about speed tests and all that technical mumbo jumbo–that’s best suited for labs in Silicon Valley and press releases, but what I do know is that I never waited on these cards, and I shot 25-frame RAW file sequences all day without running out of storage. For this sort of high-volume, high-energy environment, those are game changers. And I was only shooting the 32’s…they’re shipping 64GB cards as well.

Watch the video after the jump below, and you’ll see how much fun it was working with these amazing athletes. You should also listen for my shutter, motor-driving, as it’ll clearly demonstrate that shooting with these cards was sort of like shooting a machine gun that never ran out of ammo. Enjoy the vid, but there’s still more to come. Lots of editing, more behind-the-scenes shots, outtakes, post production, and a few lingering videos from our work down under [click ‘continue reading’ below to see the video…]

Thanks Common Market for the music in the vid. Check them out here on iTunes.

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