Quick Video Report From NZ


Here we are, already more than half way through our job here. Great stuff today, again working with some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world. This little recap vid, shot at 9pm last night–just before heading back to the villa for some data wrangling–shows me pretty darn tired, but still kicking. I’m on camera with my friend Chris Jerard from Freeskier and Snowboard magazines. Chris is our subject matter expert and snowsports industry liaison.

I feel like we’re finally dialing in our separate and additional workflow for sharing this stuff amidst all the other priorities we’re balancing. So that should mean that we’ll be able to roll some serious outtakes and a wave of more videos here tonight and tomorrow and the next day.

Planning to bust out a quick vid that answers a bunch of the questions you’ve been sending my way, so now’s a good chance to shout ‘em out if you have some–via comments or twitter, per usual.

If you can’t see the vid, take a peek here at the vid link on my Facebook Fan page. For those requesting more youtube — that’s coming soon, I promise.

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