Unlocked iPhone 3Gs Goes to Dan Marshall

In the 5 short days it’s been public, thousands and thousands of images have been shot, edited and uploaded with our new iPhone app, Best Camera. Watching the images roll by on the visualizer on the phone and the site have evaporated hours of my life, and made it better. Some really impressive imagery.

Of the those thousands of images, I’m awarding Dan Marshall the fully unlocked iPhone 3Gs for this lovely image of a little girl. I tend to like more abstract stuff with the iPhone, but perhaps that’s why I’m attracted to this shot. It’s different from my usual and there’s a great story within this image. Seems that you all liked this image as well…it’s seen thousands of views and has nearly 100 thumbs ups…so our tastes are somewhat in line here. I get the feeling it could be a snapshot, a fine art piece at Yossi Milo, or the anchor to a bigtime ad campaign. Wonderfully transcendent. Consider checking out Dan’s photographer page of images uploaded with Best Camera in just a handful of days. Looks like he’s been using just the 3G, so now he’s got himself the suped-up 3Gs. Congrats Dan.

Check out other images voted “popular” by the community here.

We now return you to your regular programming. Dan, ping me offline to get your phone.

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The new screen sharing feature is nice….but…why can’t we just take a full size screenshot like in Go Sms without having to hit our friends with Go Launcher propaganda every time we send them a screenshot? I can tell them about go launcher all by myself, really I can. I promise….

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Hans Youmon says:

I think that I use that awesome post to my work :)

Hi Dan…
I really like that image presented here. you have captured grate shot. It definitely deserves Chase Jarvis' prize. Congratulations!

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Dhari Al Fares.

T says:

I love the Best Camera app and have turned a few friends onto it. My question is that I am seeing photos that are beautiful but have been:

A) doctored outside the App presumable using photoshop or some other means

B) Taken on a camera not remotely close to an iPhone.

I understand the concept of the Best Camera being the one you have with you but for this site is there something that can be done to keep the photos limited to those taken on iPhones?

Louis Jiran says:

Hello Chase, love the Best Camera!! Great idea. I used to do allot of polaroid maniplulations untill polaroid discontinued "time zero" film. I think this iphone thing could replace my old hobby. One question I have for you is, do you or anybody else worry about copy rights for your iphone images you send out on the web?

Thank you,

Louis Jiran

ganzaak says:

i want to take this book how can i???

Chase Jarvis says:

@ ambrosia: yes, just click on any one of your pictures (or have your short url emailed to you when you post…in settings tab) and you can click on link there by your name to view all of your images…

Ambrosia says:

congrats dan!
Chase – is there a way for us to view our own photographer page?
Thanks again for a great app!

I rememeber seeing this image when I visited the site – it definitely stood out! Awesome job, Dan. This is just more proof that it's not the camera, it's the camera that's with you – and the person behind it :P

reader1 says:

Dan's pic is great.
Chase – Great book and app. You re-invigorated my interest in photography. Questions about 3GS iphone:
2.8 Lens?
Focal length?
Shutter Speed?
Where do I find this essential info?
Your book mentioned f/8 and I mistakenly thought that was the aperture.
Is there add on equipment available, such as Flash, Tri-pod, or Chest Tri-pod, remote Shutter trip, etc.
Is sequencing possible and how?

Great Book!! Great Inspiration!!

Thank you ! Thank you! Thank yOu!

Anonymous says:

the shot almost looks unreal, it's that good! way to go, mr. marshall.

Anonymous says:

I love this shot!!!!

Dan Marshall says:

Thanks for the slick app and the cool surprise today Chase! There are so many interesting images being uploaded, that I'm sure that picking one was a bit of a crap shoot, but rest assured that the phone is much appreciated and will go to good use. And a big thank you to all the folks who have made the surprise even more fun with their kind words!

Car Blog says:

Congrats to the winner, that is one hot win.

Congrats Dan! nice picture…

Chase Jarvis says:

@michael: you CAN buy unlocked iPhones from the Apple store. They're just extra pricey. As in $600 pricey.

Chase Jarvis says:

@ian: one of your images was in the final running….fwiw.


good choice Chase.


Great choice – now where can I buy an unlocked 3gs phone ??

Andy J Scott says:

Saw that one the other day and gave it a thumbs up! Nice work.

J says:

Awesome pic, well deserved! Congrats!

wl-ing says:

Dan, congratulations!! :D

Great shot.. I really liked it an placed a vote on it.. :p

Anyway, full credits to Chase for such a great app.. constantly having fun with the app.. :p

Very well done, Dan. Congrats!

Dan, you deserve it ;) I just stared at the little girl and wonder what is she thinking?

paul dakeyne says:

Congratulations Dan! Have just checked out your website and am mightily impressed with your image composition and moods.

And Chase, great App.. just about to get my teeth into that and telling friends all about it :-)

Fortunatas says:

Congratulations Dan,
Fantastic image and surely deserves Chase Jarvis' prize :)

Marc Forrest says:

Congrats Dan !!! Awesome shot…
And thanks again Chase for the fantastic app :)

Way to go Dan…congratulations on a great image!
Chase, thanks again to you and your team for such a FUN app…lovin' it.

Congrats Dan! You have some awesome Iphone shots on thebestcamera!! Keep on inspiring! :)

Sarah says:

Congrats Dan!!
Great image! – I love the app chase! I havent stoped using it since the launch – I find that I take a lot more photos on my iphone now thanks to this app! – brilliant stuff!


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