Unlocked iPhone 3Gs Goes to Dan Marshall

In the 5 short days it’s been public, thousands and thousands of images have been shot, edited and uploaded with our new iPhone app, Best Camera. Watching the images roll by on the visualizer on the phone and the site have evaporated hours of my life, and made it better. Some really impressive imagery.

Of the those thousands of images, I’m awarding Dan Marshall the fully unlocked iPhone 3Gs for this lovely image of a little girl. I tend to like more abstract stuff with the iPhone, but perhaps that’s why I’m attracted to this shot. It’s different from my usual and there’s a great story within this image. Seems that you all liked this image as well…it’s seen thousands of views and has nearly 100 thumbs ups…so our tastes are somewhat in line here. I get the feeling it could be a snapshot, a fine art piece at Yossi Milo, or the anchor to a bigtime ad campaign. Wonderfully transcendent. Consider checking out Dan’s photographer page of images uploaded with Best Camera in just a handful of days. Looks like he’s been using just the 3G, so now he’s got himself the suped-up 3Gs. Congrats Dan.

Check out other images voted “popular” by the community here.

We now return you to your regular programming. Dan, ping me offline to get your phone.

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